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Date: June 7, 2021

Accessing data is the easy part. The real work is efficiently and productively deciphering it, breaking it down, and mining for the smallest of details that can help you connect with the right customers and defend (or even improve) your market share. Sadly, this is something that most companies don’t have the time, training, or tools to do properly. Until now, that is…

1. Data Organization

Centralizing your data on a single, convenient, user-friendly platform sounds great, doesn’t it? Measuring elasticity, running price simulations, tracking your KPIs, and more—all within a few clicks of one another—means your team will save time on both organizing and analyzing data. Gone will be the days of toggling between multiple platforms, spreadsheets, and other obsolete systems. All your data can now live right there in front of you.

2. More Than Just a Time-Saver

Full data integration means finally having time to strategize AND having the necessary information to do it right. Wise Athena, for example, offers tools like scenario maps, simulation modules, and an expansive summary of your key performance indicators. With these products at your team’s fingertips, you’ll gain a better understanding of micro-and macro-level priorities. The results: Better data prevents expensive pricing and promotion mistakes, making it possible to find more customers for less.

3. Strategy Isn’t Everything Though

Predicting market trends is important, but so is being able to pivot in response to unexpected market turns. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that consumer preferences shift fast and without notice. Having continuously up-to-date data is the key to staying competitive. It works alongside predictive tools, allowing you to optimize your profits and margins by directly responding to market disruptions. Don’t wait for the end of the quarter to see if you guessed right. Track your progress routinely and use your data to make adjustments whenever needed.

It’s time to unleash your data’s potential and we, at Wise Athena, are ready to help.

Wise Athena helps CPG companies optimize Pricing & Trade Promotions strategies with A.I., giving clients insight into seasonal trends, fluctuating product demands, and daily changes resulting from market discrepancies. We’ve proven that we can increase sales and margins in less time, and with less effort, with data harmonization capabilities, high definition elasticity, and prediction certainty between 85-95%.

Written By Octavio H.
Co-Founder and Vice President at Wise Athena, with 24 years of experience in CPG companies, responsible for the management and global expansion of the sales team, including Mexico, LATAM and United States.

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