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Maximize your profits through data-driven pricing and trade promotion strategies using Athena’s AI-powered recommendations. Get accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use insights to make informed decisions and increase your bottom line now.

Pricing and optimization software for CPGs




Margin increase without volume loss.


volume Increase.


increased optimization in promotional investment

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Worldwide CPG companies rely on Wise Athena.


Optimize price and trade promotion strategies in just one place.

optimize Pricing and optimization software for CPGs


  1. Find and support the most optimal pricing per SKU/Region/Retailer.
  2. Demand prediction.
  3. Understand competitive pricing effects.

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Trade Promotion:

  1. Improve promotional investments.
  2. Strategic planning.
  3. Post analysis.
  4. Right Promos at the right time.

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Demand Prediction:

  1. Input for Sales & Operations.
  2. Optimize your use of resources.
  3. Understand necessary production plans and maximizes the use of production lines.

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Pricing and optimization software for CPGs

Collaborate easily with your team.

See the big picture at a glance

Share scenarios with your team while working from anywhere

Compare scenarios to choose the correct decision

A model that is continuously learning during every promotional cycle

Help your RGM, Finance, Marketing, and Sales teams to optimize their strategies with a 360° view of your SKU’s.

With our pricing and optimization software for CPGs, your team can optimize their strategies in one place.


“I will recommend Wise Athena to anyone looking to improve their pricing and promotion strategies in the marketplace. Through their solution, they’re able to help you have the right product at the right price at the right time to maximize both, your revenue and profit but also the retailer-s revenue and profit.”

Tim Pantzlaff. Traditional Medicinals

“All consulting companies are experts in talking about the past, however only Wise Athena is an expert in talking about the future and they do so guaranteeing a high level of certainty of at least 85%, that’s why we are with them.”

Leonardo C. Nestlé

“Wise Athena is a strategic tool that allows us to optimize our promotional budget. Their added value is total WA team support, which has been key to the success of our project.”

Rodrigo V. ARCA Continental

“Now that we implement Wise Athena, we have a scientific tool we use to develop our business decisions.”

Sinuhé A. British American Tobacco

“Wise Athena acts as my strategic partner who takes care of the company’s volume and margin.”

Adriana A. Grupo AlEn


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