Plan, Simulate, and Improve the efficiency of price strategies, in just one place. 

Streamline your promotions with a tool that makes your decisions faster and easier.

Find multiple processes and departments in one place.

General Management

Revenue Growth Management






Benefits by Department

Our solution optimizes your pricing and promotion strategies in one click

General Management

  1. Visualization of future impact from price decisions
  2. High certainty management model
  3. Challenge and accountability

Revenue Growth Management

  1. Comprehensive vision of the business 
  2. Construction of multiple scenarios 
  3. Less process time, more analysis time 
  4. Best practice registry


  1. Inform Sales & Operations
  2. Optimization of the fill rate
  3. Optimization of promotions
  4. Negotiation of commercial conditions
  5. Presentations to buyers
  6. Prices by retailers and/or regions
  7. Profitability of retailers
  8. In & Outs with predictive demand


  1. Prediction of demand by geographic area/plant
  2. Production planning optimization
  3. Planning production adjustments for promotions


  1. Pricing architecture
  2. Elasticities of products/brands/categories
  3. Price ranges
  4. Brand and category profitability
  5. Increase in Point of Sale


  1. Pricing Prediction
  2. Profit margin
  3. Purchase optimization
  4. Commercial investment upgrade


  1. Prediction of demand with high certainty (+ 85%)
  2. Geographic breakdown of demand prediction
  3. Efficiency of deliveries
  4. Inventory development in CEDIS

Features of our solution

You can have a high definition predictive elasticity with our software pricing and promotion solution. Implement consumer intelligence to optimizes your promotions, pricing and profitability with predictive analytics.

Harmonized Database

High Definition Predictive Elasticity

Demand Forectast Sell-Out / Sell-In

Regional Prices

Price Ranges

Correct Discount

Promotional Budget Optimization

Seasonal Items



Price Competition

KPIs Ex-ante & Post-Mortem

Limitless Scenario Construction

Price Optimization

A model that is continuously learning during every promotional cycle.

As data distributions can be expected to drift over time, deploying a model is a continuous process, not a one-time exercise

Scale your operations instantly

Gain agility while optimizing your pricing strategies with Wise Athena.