Capitalize on the Cognitive Technology Revolution


Customer behavioural analytics

Early Signs of why customers are leaving. Increased promotion effectiveness.

Churn Prediction

Cognitive Technologies for churn prediction that are much more accurate than traditional Business Intelligence or just statistics.

Dealer Performance

Effortless control of fraudulent behaviour by your dealers. Predict new subscriber profitability per dealer per store.

New Fraud Detection

Our Cognitive Technology constantly looks for new anomalous patterns on your data and learns from your fraud analysts so you can give optimal and fast responses to the fraud challenge.

identification of vip prospects

A unique proprietary learning algorithm detects Champion users in a particular country independently of any operator. Just by analyzing your own CDRs data it builds the list of top users. 

Core Industries

"98% prediction accuracy, wow!"

Bi Director, Fortune 500 Company


CFO in telecommunications companies can increase 3.21% their customer base in three months.

"These insights are golden nuggets."

Trade promotions manager, +300M Revenue consumer goods company


+5% to 7%
Mareking directors in retail are able to increase 5% to 7% their sales from improved promotions insight.

"They made me see in 10 minutes what I had not realized about my fraud in 12 years."

Fraud manager, Fortune 500 Company

Big Data & Fraud

Security Directors in mobile providers can reduce fraud by 68% by analysing in real time your data. Wise Athena Fraud Detection..

Product Strategy

Wise Athena combines your product data with third party data sources so you can fully understand the landscape of a specific product category. Zoom into the general picture and you will identify which ranges and prices are working in specific geographical areas, isolate underperformers and anticipate trends. In a nutshell, you will have all the right insights for building a successful product strategy.

Using only your own product data makes it almost impossible to know whether you are performing well or not no matter what top analytics tools you are using. That is why benchmarking with your competitors is so crucial for the success of your product strategy.

And even if your product strategy is having good results, Wise Athena’s cognitive analytics can help you identify new opportunities in the market, whether it is a new product on an existing category with a competitive pricing, or a high end product in a category for which consumers are willing to pay extra at a specific territory.

Reducing Churn Rate for Telcos

Our cognitive technology not only collects and processes your data, it learns and gets smarter as it works making recommendations and spotting new opportunities and risks. The same as an army of analysts but at a fraction of the cost.

We use machine learning technologies for churn prediction that are much more accurate than traditional Business Intelligence or just statistics. Our machine learning technology mines your data for key parameters like CDRs, top ups, cell tower location and then applies algorithms to uncover the patterns that identify customers likely to change operator.

Retention is often neglected in favour of acquisition leading to increased costs and less revenue per customer. We combine our Patent Pending Machine Learning churn prediction algorithm with Deep Learning to help you spot the customers that are more likely to leave so you can meet their needs before it is too late (30 to 180 days before churn happens).

The Social Network of Products

You can know a lot about a person through his or her networks of friends and the same applies to your products. Some of them are good friends and always share the basket while others are rarely bought together. Just like human beings form groups based on common interests and tastes, products are organized in a social network made of consumer purchase patterns.

Understanding this social network will help you make important decisions about your store layout by placing “friends” next to each other or creating special packages that make your customer´s shopping experience easier. For example, by merchandising gourmet bakery next to high end Spanish chorizo and olives during the weekend will help you capitalize from a cross-sell and increase your ticket size.


Remove uncertainity from decision-making

Your data is only valuable if transformed into accurate and actionable insights.

Our Cognitive Analytics help companies to remove intuition and uncertainty from key commercial areas.

Small operating costs and quick setup

Wise Athena applies economies of scale to its cognitive services, keeping the costs low for customers.

Our quick set-up process means that your data will start working for you in a fraction of the time needed by other implementations.


Helping your business defining big data business objectives

You don´t have to spend money on hardware, software or professional services, just pay for the revenue generating services you consume on a variable basis.

A safe cloud for your data

The security challenges posed by collecting, storing and processing data are numerous and complex. This is why we put security at the heart of our services, going well beyond the fundamentals required in a secure IT environment.

Wise tools for wiser analytics

Focus on the insights drawn from the data, leave the hardware, the software, the maintenance and support in our hands.

It's all about results

Our proactive tools help to meet business challenges by translating data into effective commercial actions.


Machine Learning and Big Data for Telecoms

Wise Athena has helped companies to monitor productivity and variations in demand accurately and in real time, allowing for a 10% increase in their customer base.

Our analytics tools for telcos are specially designed to provide a quick response to customer needs as well as to improve adaptability to the constantly changing economic environment.

Wise Athena allows telcos to capitalize on their own data and to use it to provide a solid foundation for critical business decisions.

Machine Learning and Big Data for retail

Wise Athena’s Big Data services for retailers have supported the re-shaping of our strategy leading to a marked increase in customers’ revenue.

The insights gathered from our tools were key in supporting the CFOs in crucial decision processes and reinforced their ability to monitor the company’s financial performance.

Wise Athena provides retailers with services specifically aimed at improving their results through Big Data.

Cognitive Technology vs. Fraud

Wise Athena’s fraud detection service uses Big Data to provide companies with a powerful tool for identifying, fighting and significantly reducing fraud level. Our algorithms monitor business data 24/7, detecting anomalies accurately and stopping illegal transactions, while having minimal impact on lawful activities.

To keep the costs down, we offer on-demand delivery of fraud prediction and prevention service via the internet with a pay-as-you-go pricing option.

Who we worked with

Berkeley university
stanford university
Our Team

Our team was assembled around one common belief: the traditional path that led from data to new revenues was overly complicated and ineffective. Our pursuit of a better way led us to Wise Athena.

Our company is made up of highly specialized data scientists with a track record in delivering business results and technological excellence across a wide range of

industry sectors. We come from Stanford, MIT, Wharton, IBM, PriceWaterhouseCooper, HP, Telefónica, the Higgs Boson research team and several start-ups.

Our combined experience comprises the delivery of cloud services processing more than 150M customers’ data and the management of systems supporting up to 90M customers.

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