Wise Athena Bold & Loving Awards 2021

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Date: April 7, 2021
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The 2021 Wise Athena Bold & Loving Awards

Working with CPG requires a keen understanding of people and attention to detail, and we’re not just talking about studying buying trends. Employee accomplishments and the team’s overall hard work should be routinely tracked and celebrated, especially for those working remotely. It’s essential to keep your staff motivated and maintain a supportive, successful work environment.

We recently hosted the 2021 Wise Athena Bold & Loving Awards to thank our team members for helping us better serve customers during this challenging past year. As you scroll through, you’ll notice it’s not simply the solutions we offer that makes Wise Athena stand out, it’s the people developing them. Awardees were chosen for having demonstrated professional excellence and boldness over the past year, as well as a strong curiosity to live the best version of themselves.

Allan Gamboa Wise Athena Award

Allan Gamboa, Customer Success Head
Winner: Data and Analytics Award

This award is given to employees who are not a part of the Data and Analytics team, but have nonetheless had a huge impact on D&A. Allan has been a great mentor to the group, sharing loads of knowledge and experience in both private conservation and public forums. He’s played an important role in D&A projects too, including data protocol, descriptive analysis and more.

Winner: “In AI We Trust” Award

Wise Athena offers clients a product that is powered by data and the use of machine learning algorithms. It’s essential that our leaders trust and believe in this tech, even if they’re not directly part of the data science team. Enter: Allan, a true AI fan, faithful defender of machine learning, and an expert in making the most skeptical client trust our technology. He routinely challenges us all to find new areas of improvement and always increase the value delivered to our clients.

When Allan’s not carrying around multiple trophies, he manages Client Success in Mexico, Latin America and the US. Before he joined Wise Athena, Allan was Grupo Bimbo’s Marketing and Trade Marketing Director in Central America, South America, Mexico, and the US for 15 years, where he was responsible for brands and in charge of Pricing and Trade Promotion functions.

Ana Montoro Wise Athena Award

Ana Montoro, Chief Data Scientist
Winner: Award for Generating Value to Customers, Disruption in CPG,
Expanding/Scaling Sales

We love team members who embrace disruptive and constructive thinking, who strive to make a difference as they discuss issues and provide solutions to clients. That’s why Ana was selected to receive this award. She possesses an incredible capacity to adapt to unique customer needs, understand their issues, find solutions, both generating value for them and for Wise Athena.

Ana’s profile includes sharp technical skills, strategic vision and great leadership. Part of the executive team, she leads a group of scientists that develop, improve and deploy machine learning models with a high level of accuracy. Ana has a strong focus on business and over 7 years of experience in drawing valuable insights from data.

Heriberto Encinas Wise Athena Award

Heriberto Encinas, Data Quality Analyst
Winner: Award for Demonstrating Wise Athena Values

Heriberto ensures that Wise Athena’s Data Provision process meets high quality and efficiency standards. He works to guarantee customer’s data integrity with the use of D&A knowledge, and constant communication with our customers. Heriberto is very passionate about everything data and machine learning-related, you can often find him furthering his technical and personal skills through self learning and online research.

Janet Alonso Wise Athena Award

Janet Alonso, Customer Success Manager
Winner: Support to Sales Award

Optimizing prices, promotions, and volume prediction with high certainty levels: That’s how Janet ensures the creation of value for clients in her charge. Her experience includes work with several consulting companies such as Nielsen and Kantar, as well as the Market Research Manager PC & OTC for Genomma Lab Internacional in Mexico and Latin America.

Magaly Miranda Wise Athena Award

Magaly Miranda, Head of Sales & Customer Development
Winner: Goal-Oriented Employee Award

A goal oriented company needs determined leaders. Luckily, we have many. Magaly is a great example, she’s been a rockstar these past two years. Laser focused and exceptional analytical, she exceeds every goal that comes across her desk. Most rewarding is watching as she works with customers, understanding their needs and giving them value through Wise Athena’s tools. Magaly is responsible for commercial strategies in Mexico, Latin America and Europe, developing sales teams and managing new accounts. It comes as no surprise, with so much to juggle, that she won an award for being goal oriented. Magaly has worked with over 30 clients in the Consumer-Packaged Industry, exceeding commercial objectives by up to 5 times and offering solutions related to home consumption, shopper, POS, assortment, price and promo. She is motivated by challenges and is passionate about learning from others.

Macarena Sevilla Wise Athena Award

Macarena Sevilla, Data Analyst
Winner: Darwin Award on Adaptability

Quality Assurance in the Data & Analytics department requires adaptability. That’s why Macarena was chosen to receive this award. With a strong focus on transforming raw CPG data into gold, she ensures that customers get the most out of their data. Macarena offers more than technical skills, as she’s also studied Leadership & Management at the University of Arizona.

Tessie Carlos Wise Athena Award

Tessie Carlos Ochoa, Customer Success Manager
Winner: Anticipation, Automation & Improved Communication Award

This award celebrates the employee who best anticipated user needs. Such a big task requires being knowledgeable, empathetic and forward-thinking qualities we’d definitely say describe Tessie. Just ahead of her maternity leave, Tessie built thoroughly thought-out automated actions (140), board views (20) and dashboards (10 on Monday for our users. This project resulted in better communication and visibility across our Service Delivery distributed teams.

Tessie runs Service Delivery Operations because she’s passionate about customer service, improving internal communication, and anticipating risks. She achieved a major breakthrough on these fronts by setting up a brand-new service delivery tool. Tessie has over 8 years of experience in Consumer Packaged Goods, CPG Retail, and market research industry

Written By Octavio H.
Co-Founder and Vice President at Wise Athena, with 24 years of experience in CPG companies, responsible for the management and global expansion of the sales team, including Mexico, LATAM and United States.

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